Soup has been going deep and strong since 2007 …what a ride!

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So, let’s take a trip back to 2007…  Fresh out of college, I closed my eyes and pinned my finger on a map of the United States.  My trusty pointer told me to move to Boston, MA, a place I had never been, to begin “real life.” Enrolled in an Americorps year of service and on a small stipend, I looked for ways to make friends and build community on a very tight budget.  The idea hit – SOUP feeds many and fits the bill!  I invited the masses – everyone and anyone I met – and cooked up pots and pots of soup for my first “community soup party,” which I hosted in my little apartment. By its whopping success, these turned into monthly gatherings! Thus began my love affair with soup and using it as a way to love people and bring everyone together.

Then, in the winter of 2011, after having run across America to inspire people to find and follow their passions, the spirit of Austin, TX beckoned me!  I hopped on my bicycle and moved from Boston to Austin, a true adventure to say the least!  SOUP and everything it stands for was coming to Austin, TX, baby!  Shazaam!  Right off the bat, monthly community soup parties went gangbusters, and people keep on coming!  It wasn’t until November of 2011 that I thought, if soup can be so instrumental in building a larger community of peeps, then it would be a wonderful way to bring two souls together as well…something a bit more intimate.  Thus, HOT LOVE SOUP was born!  I deliver my whole-hearted and love-filled soup, via bicycle (or via car if you live out of my bike zone!), to anyone who wants some.  You can order for yourself and your family once or bi-weekly, or you can order a SOUPrise for loved ones (each SOUPrise comes with a special song and dance to brighten your loved one’s day!).  Often times I find myself being invited into soup recipients’ homes, as if we have known each other for years.
The soul of soup is truly magical.  I want to share that …with you!!!


Katie Visco
Soup Maestra and Community Cultivator