Biking Across Asia and Europe! Help Us Do this!

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We Love Bikes!

Farewell For Now: Biking Across Asia and Europe

It’s time for another adventure, folks! My boyfriend, Henley, and I will soon be embarking on an epic nine-month bike ride across Asia – Thailand, Burma, Nepal, and India. And then we will bike across Europe – Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, and finishing in Morocco! Why? Both of us love the thrill of the unknown, and the adventures that come out of said uncertainty. We want to test our limits of simplicity while out on the road, and hopefully meet all kinds of kind people. We are inspired by fellow adventurers to leap out into new places, and we want to have experiences outside our comfort zone! We want to see how other cultures live and eat, and what the open road has to offer. We have been planning our trip for almost eight months now, and we begin at the end of the year! We will camp and cook along the way; we are doing this trip without frills! Just our heads, hearts, feet, bikes, and good juju.

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I really want you guys to share the adventure with us! PLEASE!! Sharing is what makes the journey worth it. Please follow us on Instagram (you can click the link or find us @getitwild).  We hope that stories from our adventure brighten your day and spark some adventure in you too!

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“Adventure begins where certainty ends.”
– written on the chalkboard at a coffeeshop in Boulder, UT ☺

Please Help Us Do This!

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♥And if you want to help further, Henley’s bike that he JUST bought for our trip was STOLEN a few days ago. If you want to help him get another bike (ASAP!), please take a peak here.  THANK YOU!♥

Soup Delivery in Austin TX

And for all you Soupies out there, soup deliveries in Austin, Texas will be put on vacation for most of the time that I am away. But, don’t worry, Austin soup deliveries will be back in late 2017! It will be worth the wait!

Bone Broth in Austin TX

However, my bone broth and bone broth boosters will still be available at all Peoples Pharmacy locations while I am away…and for forever and ever!

Sending you all love and unicorn sparkle farts and many THANKS!

Happy trails,

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